CHOOSE LIFE FOUNDATION is a charity established to work collaboratively as a community of pioneers initiating partnerships and projects directly supporting and inspiring those young people identified at risk of suicide.  Helping them Choose life and to create a life worth living for.

OUR MISSION is to reduce or eliminate suicide in young Australians and partner them from suffering to thriving.

OUR VALUES beat in the heart of everything we do and how we support those in need.  These values benefit the tribe we work with and society as a whole.

  • Pioneering and partnering for real change – we work as a tribe for community change for each young person to be embraced into thriving adults.
  • Collaboration – we achieve more together than we ever could individually.  We live the power of the Tribe.
  • Creativity – we transform passions, EPIC ideas, and intention into action.  We don’t just recognise the need for change we initiate it.  Saving lives and changing our world.
  • Heart – we allow ourselves to be driven individually and collectively by heart, by passion and by what needs to take place because it really should.  This heart is big enough to take all the suffering and find a clear direction to real fulfilment for our clients and tribe.