What can you do to help prevent suicide?


1.  Reach Out – Ask them directly if they are thinking about suicide. It needs to be a direct question that can’t be misinterpreted.

“Are you thinking about suicide?”

Most people with thoughts of suicide want to talk about it. They want to live – but desperately need someone to hear their pain and offer them help to keep safe.

Don’t be afraid to ask them if they are thinking about suicide. This shows you care and they’re not alone.

Listen to them – Allow them to express their feelings. Let them do most of the talking. They will often feel a great sense of relief someone wants to talk to them about their darkest thoughts.


2.  Check their safety – If you are really worried don’t leave them alone. Remove any means of suicide including weapons, medications, drugs, alcohol, even access to a car. Get help by calling Lifeline 13 11 14, or emergency services on 000. You can also take them to the local hospital emergency department.


3.  Decide what to do and take action – Talk about steps you can take together to keep them safe. Don’t agree to keep it a secret, you shouldn’t be the only one supporting this person. You may need help from someone else to persuade them to get help. You can also help by finding out information on what resources and services are available for a person who is considering suicide.

Ask for a promise – Thoughts of suicide may return, so ask them to promise to reach out and tell someone. Asking them to promise makes it more likely they will tell someone.


4.  Get help – There are lots of services and people that can help and provide assistance.
GP (doctor)
Counsellor, psychologist, social worker
School Counsellor
Emergency Services 000
Community Health Centres
Crisis support services like Lifeline, Kids helpline
Seek support from family and friends, youth group leader, sports coach, priest, minister or religious leader etc.
In some situations they may refuse help and you can’t force them to get help. You need to ensure the appropriate people are aware of the situation. Don’t take this all on yourself, get help.

For more information on how you can help and training programs on suicide prevention contact us