Suzie Kellett ALIVE Family Video

Alive finds out about the trauma that has haunted Suzie Kellett, how she manages it and her love for her family, yoga and healing. Suzie our newest ALIVE family member, the best yoga instructor I’ve ever found, and will also be our instructor for the Yoga Marathon at ALIVE and Active on the 20th of May. Thanks Suzie, love your work as you achieve your mission in helping the whole world relax! 🙂

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20th May 2017 Event ALIVE And ACTIVE

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20th MAY 2017 Go Health Clubs Springwood Go Health Clubs

Event Attractions:
– 24 Hour Grapplethon
– 100 Tonne Deadlift Challenge
– 4 Hour Yoga Marathon
– Martial Arts Demonstrations
– Indoor Child-Friendly Obstacle Course and games
– Singers
– Music Performers

Join the cause, share the event, start a little crowd funding, or simply help spread the word, we want to FILL the house! Every bit counts. 20th of May 3pm for the opening ceremony and house party. Save the date and join the fun.

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End youth suicide and empower Australian Youth #iAmAlive #AliveandActive


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End youth suicide and empower Australian Youth #iAmAlive #AliveandActive

5 weeks OUT! ALIVE And Active Update

5 weeks out to go till the BIG EVENT! ALIVE And Active Update! Register to join a team here…
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Join Chris and Kylie at the ALIVE Party

ALIVE Party. 25th March (this coming Saturday). Starts 9am. Go Health Clubs Springwood.

Over $6000 worth of raffles and prizes to be won! Open to everyone!

Ctrl Alt Del and Kitch Wesche (aka MC Kitch) will be there as well as Akova. Demonstrations by Dr Bonez Chris “kewlbonez”Morris Chris Gary Morris, BJJ Black belt Aleksandar Jovanovic, IBJJF Champion Donna Hooper and Yogabox Springwood.
Go Health Clubs Springwood Go Health Clubs
Book it in!, join us!


Kylie Michelle

Plenitude Wealth Rolls for Suicide Prevention

Iron sharpens Iron

Thank you Andrew David Courtney of Plenitude Wealth for sponsoring this project to end youth suicide and coming to the beginner’s BJJ session at Arena Fitness MMA Go Health Clubs Springwood.

One of the few and rare financial planners / advisors that are NOT bank salesman…

Plenitude Wealth is a holistic wealth management firm that is dedicated to making a positive change to the financial landscape of Australia and ultimately the world through creating an educational foundation of social awareness, enterprise and social consciousness. Our aim is to create a movement that will aid in the fight against limiting beliefs & absolute & relative poverty by utilising existing financial instruments everyday families can use.

Through financial education and challenging the status quo, our belief is we can all create a better financial future for the citizens of the world. We specialise in strategically replacing our clients’ incomes in a timely manner so that they can pursue what matters most in their lives and give back to the wider community with their new found wealth.

Fighter Chris Kewlbonez Morris in Conversation with ALIVE

Professional MMA Fighter Chris “kewlbonez”Morris shares a very personal story about being bullied as a child and the love for his dad.

Come meet Chris “kewlbonez”Morris on the 25th March at Go Health Clubs Springwood as he will be doing a live demonstration as part of the ALIVE Week festival. He will also be rolling for 24 hours at the Grapplethon on the 20th May to raise funds and awareness for youth suicide.

Thank you Chris!

FB: @ChriskewlbonezMorris
Instagram: KEWLBONEZ_MMA21

Kewlbonez will be defending his championship title at REIGN Fighting 3 – MMA on April 8th 2017

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