Who are we?


Alive is a community-driven organisation of people and partners committed to end youth suicide. Inspiring and supporting young Australians at risk of suicide to feel alive and ultimately choose life through the engagement of our suicide intervention support services and initiatives.

OUR MISSION is to reduce and ultimately eliminate youth suicide. We are experiencing a frightening epidemic here in Australia, and our aim is to provide education, and intervention where suicide is a risk and prevent it.

OUR PURPOSE is to work collaboratively as a community providing education to aid suicide prevention and support directly to those young people identified at risk of suicide.  Helping them create a life worth living for.



Teach our community how to start a discussion that can save a life, and providing intervention kits that can be given to young people showing signs of risk.  Suicide first aide program delivery within organisations and our community will save lives.  Ending youth suicide one life at a time.  Delivering 10,000 “Alive kits” into service centres throughout Australia in 2017.


Pioneering and partnering for real change – we work as a tribe for community change for each young person to be embraced into thriving adults.  Through collaboration – we achieve more together than we ever could individually


To drive awareness to the alarming youth suicide crisis we provide a platform that we can reach out.  Through advertising campaigns and speaking engagements and collaboration with our partners and patrons we aim to reach every young Australian and their support network.  Through driving awareness we can link those at risk to the services they need the most.  We will also provide emergency intervention kits to those waiting to access heavily burdened systems.  

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What we do

Our Projects


Many lives are lost while they sit on waiting lists for exhausted services.  “Alive kits” are suicide prevention kits aimed at proving resources to a young person in crisis and prevent them from taking harmful action.  Getting these kits in the hands of those who need them the most, when they are in crisis, is our commitment.

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Events and campaigns

Advertising and events that reach out to those young people at risk of suicide and encourage them to access support, and inspire them to choose life.

The Shack

‘The Shack’ is our local community spot in Loganholme designated to provide suicide intervention services and counselling to young people at risk of suicide that reach out.  This life affirming space would not be possible without funding from the Queensland Government and our Partners.

We are very proud to recognise the Patrons and Partners with whom we take a stand to end youth suicide. Our partners are at the core of what we do, and keep the wheels turning on our mission being achieved. We thank you for standing with us, and for helping more young Australians feel ALIVE.


We are proud to Announce Brad Butcher as our ALIVE charity Patron.  This is a cause close to Brad’s heart, and it’s a pleasure to be working with him to make a change.  When your hear people talk about Brad Butcher as an Australian Songwriter or more importantly as a person the same few words are thrown around … Honest, Genuine, Hardworking and Brad’s hard work is now receiving the accolades he so richly deserves being awarded the NEW TALENT OF THE YEAR at the 2018 Golden Guitar Awards of Australia, held in Tamworth NSW, and the 2018 Queensland Music Award – Country Song of the Year.

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Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Tamsyn Rosenberg

Tamsyn Rosenberg

Founder & Director
Tamsyn Rosenberg, Founder of one of Australia’s leading youth and family support services in emotional wellbeing and fulfillment.

Internationally recognised expert in mental and emotional wellbeing.  Supporting individuals, families, communities, teens and the organisations that support them.  Empowering healthier happier Australians for over 10 years.

Dexter Chew

Dexter Chew

Director and Action man
Dexter brings the brains and breaths our creative visions into reality.  Jiu-jitsu nut and youth coach for over 8 yrs, he brings a weath of knowlege, experience and vision to the team.
Michael Ireland

Michael Ireland

Head of Research
Dr. Michael Ireland is a behavioural scientist primarily working in the areas of resilience and mental health. Dr. Michael Ireland, Behavioural Scientist PhD holding academic positions at University of Southern QLD , Griffith University, and University of QLD, is a program director within USQ’s Institute for Resilient Regions and heads up all of our Research projects here at ALIVE. Dr. Ireland’s technical expertise involve research methodology and design, psychological and behavioural measurement, and statistical analysis.
Sioban Laffey

Sioban Laffey

Director of ALIVE and Thrive Primary School
Catapaulting from the world of mainstream psychology working in schools, hospitals and in her own retreats and workshops, Sioban has a wealth of experience working with the powerful combination of the best of psychology and practical life hacks.  Her passion for helping others thrive and her awesome ability to play with it all is what has her living her purpose to empower people.  Co-developing and Heading up our ALIVE and Thrive primary school programs throughout Australia.

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Thank you to the Warwick and District Junior Rugby League ALIVE round

Thank you to the Warwick and District Junior Rugby League ALIVE round, Check out the videos :  

Merch Video

Alive is Proudly Supported at Eternal MMA 26 – Wsofgc 6 it’s going to be an AWESOME night and we can’t wait to see everybody there. Look out for our merchandise table, 85% of all funds raised will be directly used for workshops and intervention kits for vulnerable youth at risk of suicide and mental…

Alive Intro Video


Alive Regional Schools Tour Mindset and Empowerment Tour

Through your generosity, the Alive Project has been able to reach out to over 2000 students, hundreds of elite young athletes in the Central Division and QRL feeder teams and left stock of Alive Intervention kits for those in need. Together with we are fighting this insidious issue plaguing our future generation. Little by little…

AAA highlight videos

Please like and share! Our facebook Page ALIVE And Active has been an incredible success thanks to all our sponsors and participants for making it a reality. The total of $18500 that has been raised for the event has been put towards working with over 8000 vulnerable Queensland youth at risk of mental illness and…

Niki Dean hits the mats for charity!

Niki Dean hits the mats for charity! #iAmAlive #Aliveandactive #directoronthemats

24 hour Grapplethon promo

24 Grapplethon starts 10am tomorrow morning at Go Health Clubs Springwood. Bring your pillows, food, lots of changes of clothes PLEASE! We’re doing this as a fund raising activity for Youth Mental Health and Suicide. The main event starts at 3pm. Bring your friends, family, neighbours, randoms. Rolling for 24 hours is insane, i’m as…

ALIVE And Active Final Promo

LAST WEEK!! Putting this event together has been a trip and we’ve been so lucky to have our supporters backing us up. This is the last week before the big event. It’s time to round up those donations and get your gear ready for a MEGA, Vein Poppin’, Knees Shakin’, Groin Stretchin’, Deep Flexin’, Arm…


To make a difference now, sponsor a teen at risk of suicide to participate in our 12-month intervention Masterclass.
Supporting them through the suffering and into a life worth living for.

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